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Customer Service Training courses delivered in-house and as open training courses across Ireland.

Raise the standard of customer care and customer experience in your business. To find our more about individual Customer Service training courses, see the links below that will take you to the course information page. You will find further information about in-house delivery and open training courses.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more bespoke solution, click here to find out more about our Training and Development Consultancy Service.

customer service strategy course

For any business to be successful it needs to have a customer service culture embedded into it. This culture should be top down and strive to deliver exceptional service at every interaction with a customer.

Get the skills and approaches needed to develop and embed a customer service strategy that delivers.

customer service training course

Learn how to provide outstanding customer service in your business with our customer service training course.

Find out how to wow customers and increase sales whilst generating s sense of loyalty. Understand how to fine tune the service that is offered and ensure that high customer service standards are maintained.

complaints handling training course

This Customer Complaint Handling training course looks at how to handle customer complaints effectively, ensuring the relationship with the customer stays intact.

In this Customer Complaint Handling training course we look at how to be pro-active in reducing the complaints a business will receive and use an easy to follow process to deal with them.

customer service management training course

This Customer Service Management training course will provide skills and approaches to keep your customer service team motivated, on track and delivering exceptional levels of service.

Motivate those that interact with customers, set clear targets and objectives and coach the team to achieve the required results.

live chat training course

Our Live Chat Support Training Course is a half day course that looks at best practice and tips and techniques to help deliver high quality customer service to you customers who choose to use Live Chat Support.

Ensure you use the right language, give the information clearly and deliver a high level of service using live chat systems.

receptionist skills training course

This Receptionist Skills Training Course provides the skills and knowledge needed for those working on reception to provide a great first impression for your business.

The course looks at the behaviours a receptionist will need to demonstrate to give a great first impression. Learn the skills needed to handle people in a friendly yet efficient way and how to deal with irate people and complicated requests.

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