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Personal Development training courses delivered in-house or as open training courses across Ireland.

To find our more about individual Personal Development training courses, see below. Click on a subject to find out more. You will find further information about in-house delivery and open training courses on those pages.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a more bespoke solution, click here to fond out more about our Training and Development Consultancy Service.

assertiveness skills training course

Learn how to be more assertive with our assertiveness skills training course. Our assertiveness skills course is run as an open workshop across Ireland or in-house.

Assertiveness is described as the ‘Art of Confident Communication‘. Being more assertive means having the ability to communicate in a controlled and confident way and helps you build better relationships.

communication skills training course

Learn how to get your message across, adapt your style of communication and improve your interpersonal skills with our Communication Skills Training Course. Become more confident when communicating information to others and plan your communication better.

Our communication skills training course is delivered as an open training course across the country or in-house.

presentation skills training course

Learn how to deliver engaging presentations with impact with our Presentation Skills Training Course.

Find out how to prepare an effective presentation by using a simple structure. Learn how to engage the audience and use presentation aids effectively to get your message across as well as over coming nerves.

time management training course

Learn how to manage yourself around the time that you have available with our Time Management Training Course.

Find out how to plan your time effectively, prioritise tasks and stop procrastinating. Learn how to deal with others who steal your time, set expectations and push back when you need to.

business writing training course

Learn how to produce effective business documents that generate engagement and get the message across clearly with our Business Writing Skills training course, delivered as an open course across Ireland or in-house.

Find out how to produce well structured business documents and emails that are professional, get the message across and generate engagement.

personal effectiveness training course

YOUREVOLUTION is a two day personal effectiveness training course. The course is delivered as an open workshop across Ireland or in-house for your business.

Build self confidence, manage yourself more effectively, become more efficient and achieve the things that you set out to achieve with the YOUREVOLUTION Personal Effectiveness Training Course.

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