Consultative Selling Training Course

Do you want to increase business to business sales and business to consumer sales while building long term relationships?

Our Consultative Selling Skills Training Course will show you how to increase both business to business and business to consumer sales by taking a more consultative approach to selling. We'll show you how to win new business, retain your customers and sell more business to business

This Consultative Selling training course is delivered as a scheduled open online training course or in-house just for your business. We deliver the course as a face to face course and a live virtual online course.

Consultative Selling Training Course
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Gain the tools to win more business and build long term customer relationships
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Consultative Selling Course Details

Course Overview
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Course Aims

This Consultative Selling training course will provide you with a toolbox of effective business to business and business to consumer selling techniques. It aims to provide approaches to build long-term relationships with customers by avoiding ‘hard sell’ and instead pushes towards finding out about the customer’s needs through effective conversations.

Course Objectives

By attending this Consultative Selling Training Course you will:

  • Be able to build rapport with customers or clients
  • Know the right questions to ask to fully understand the customer or client’s needs without putting on any pressure
  • Be able to check you have the right information from the customer or client
  • Be able to match products and services to the customer or client using the information you have gathered
  • Be able to influence effectively
  • Know how to stand out from your competitors
Consultative Selling Tip
People buy people first. Think about your approach and how it comes across to your potential buyer. Will they 'like you'?

Course Content

Here's what we cover in our Consultative Selling Training Course:

What is Consultative Selling?

  • Difference between a normal sales approach and consultative selling
  • Beliefs about selling
  • How will buyers respond to consultative selling?

Preparing for the Sales Meeting

  • Researching the organisation and person/people you are meeting
  • What do your customers or clients need or want?  What are they buying?
  • Preparing yourself for the meeting

Understanding Needs

  • First impressions count
  • How to generate conversation to establish customer needs
  • Controlling the conversation
  • Gathering the right information

The Sales Process

  • A structure to follow to help the conversation along
  • Moving into the sale

The Skills

  • Effective questioning
  • Listening
  • Body language, tone of voice and choosing the right words

Matching Your Products and Services

  • Matching the features and benefits of your products to the information gathered
  • Ensure it doesn't feel like a sale at this point
  • Making it feel as though the product/service is just what they are looking for


  • Moving from conversation to closing sale

Download the Course Brochure

Download a copy of our Consultative Selling training course brochure below. 

Who Should Attend our Consultative Selling Training Course?

This consultative selling skills training course is for anyone who is looking for ways to sell more in their business and generate loyalty through long term relationships

If you want to:

  • Know how to sell in a more consultative way
  • Increase the chances your prospects will buy from you
  • Create a more positive sales experience for your customers
  • Reduce resistance and objections when selling
  • Motivate your customers to buy
  • Have a better approach to selling

Then this consultative selling course is for you.

The course is suitable for people of all levels and in all roles and industries.

Online Training Courses

A 1 day online live virtual training course with one of our highly experienced sales skills trainers. You also get:

  • A highly interactive online experience
  • Access to MyRevolution Learning to retain access to your materials and stay in touch with your trainer
  • A digital copy of the course materials from the course
  • A digital course certificate

In-Person & Online In-House

A 1 day training course with one of our highly experienced trainers at your location or online. You also get

  • Course materials for each delegate to take away
  • A course certificate
  • Reporting on delegate evaluation
  • Access to MyRevolution Learning to retain access to your materials and stay in touch with your trainer
Who Delivers Your Consultative Selling Training Courses?
Our Consultative Selling courses are delivered by our friendly and highly experienced trainers. We live and breathe what we talk about in these sessions as we use most of the tools and techniques ourselves on a daily bases and bring this real-world experience into the session and the examples that we use.
What is consultative selling?

Consultative selling is a sales approach where questions and conversations are used to find out as much about potential prospects as possible. This information is then used to highlight how products and services that your business offer can help, support and add value for the customer. The sales person becomes a consultant and looks for ways to offer solutions.

Is the course focused on business to business or business to consumer?

Both. The skills and approaches can be used in both scenarios.

What sales structures do you use?

That would be telling!. We cover some examples of common sales approaches, but the session is build around our own model that we created and spend years honing to make it easy to use and deliver results.

Do You Have Any Consultative Selling Articles I Can Read?

Yes. We have lots of articles about sales and selling in the seales and selling section of our blog.

Open Online Course

Our Online Consultative Selling course is an interactive live virtual course. The content remains the same but the delivery and approach has been re-imagined for the virtual environment. Our online training courses are delivered by Zoom.

In-House Delivery

We can also deliver this Consultative Selling course just for your organisation. We can do this in-person at your office or a location of your choice or as a live virtual training course. We can deliver this via Zoom, Teams, Webex or any other platform that you are currently using and comfortable with.

Here are the most recent reviews that have been left for our Consultative Selling Training Course. If you would like to see more detailed reviews then please get in touch and we can pull some data from our course evaluations together for you.

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Our Approach

No PowerPoint
Yes, you read that right! We’ve removed PowerPoint from our face to face training courses.

Instead we opt for more creative ways to deliver course content and create more discussions in our courses.
Always Interactive
No matter how you attend your course, we will alway ensure it's interactive and engaging.

Our courses are designed specially for the delivery method to ensure we maximise the tools available.
Less Theory, More Practical
We don’t spend time on theory. We’ll introduce it but focus more attention on practical tools and ideas that you can actually take away and use.

We’ll provide the theory in your course materials to take away with you.
Clear Pricing
Our pricing is clear. You’ll see the exact price of our open training courses on our site where these are available.

We’ll quote an all-inclusive price for in-house and bespoke work. You won’t pay a cent more than we quote you.

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