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Course Aims

Businesses today are always looking for ways to improve their bottom line and individuals looking to save money.  An extremely effective way of achieving this is having the ability to Negotiate effectively and influence others.

Negotiation is fast becoming one of the most needed management skills of today’s businesses, and done effectively can save business £1000?s through effective contract negotiations, negotiating with suppliers or negotiating with peers or colleagues.

The idea behind Negotiation is coming to an agreement with another person or a group of people to come to a solution that is suitable for both people.  Doing this off the cuff can be difficult, preparation is a must and having a process or methodology to follow will also help.

Influencing differs in that it is about bringing people around to your way of thinking.  It can be used alongside Negotiation effectively to get to a win win outcome.

This course looks at the skills, behaviours and tactics necessary to get to this win-win situation.


By the end of the session, attendees will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an increased understanding and awareness of what negotiation and influencing is
  • Identify through group and individual activities the skills knowledge and understanding necessary to be an effective negotiator whilst developing your own negotiating skills
  • Understand the skills required to Influence effectively to bring people around to your way of thinking
  • Develop general strategies for successful negotiation and influencing
  • Produce win-win resolutions for all parties
  • Identify your own negotiation and influencing style and its potential strengths and weaknesses


Course Content

  • What is Negotiation and Influencing?
  • Why Negotiate and why would you need to Influence?
  • Applying a methodology to Negotiation and Influencing
  • Preparing to Negotiate and Influence
  • Carrying out the negotiation and Influence
  • Dealing with set backs
  • Using these skills to manage conflict


Course Benefits 

  • Build stronger relationships by agreeing on things
  • Save time and money
  • Get the things you want without damaging relationships
  • More profit or better deals for your organisation


Who should Attend 

Those who negotiate legal or commercial contracts, or those who feel as though they need to develop their day to day managerial/people negotiation skills.



Open Workshop – £249 ex VAT per person.  1 day workshop including lunch and a delegate workbook.

Delivered to your organisation – Contact us to talk about your requirements and for a no obligation quote. 


Session Breakdown


What is Negotiation and Influencing?

  • An introduction to what negotiation and influencing is and the main differences between them.


Preparing to Negotiate and Influence

  • What to do before you go into a negotiation
  • Determining your walk away point
  • Understanding the best approach for the people you will be negotiating with
  • Preparations required to Influence


Making Your Proposal

  • How to structure your proposal to ensure you sell the benefits
  • How to counter proposals from the other party
  • Body language and tone of voice when negotiating
  • How to bring people around to your way of thinking



  • Getting to an agreement that satisfies both parties
  • Being assertive during the process



  • What to consider when making concessions on your part to get an agreement
  • How to counteract arguments
  • How to get to a closing point



  • How to close the negotiation and ensure the relationship stays in tact
  • How to walk away


Being a Mediator

  • Using the learning from the session to deal with conflict and act as a mediator.


Course Information

This is a one day training event that Revolution Learning and Development deliver on an open basis at locations across the UK. We can also deliver this event at or in close proximity of your organisation if this is required.

If you choose to have us deliver this specifically for your organisation, we can make this more bespoke to your needs.

The cost of our open courses includes the learning materials, refreshments during the day and lunch.

To book, click here or call 03333 444575.

Or, to discuss your individual requirements, email us through the 'Contact Us' page on our website or call us on the number above.

Booking terms and conditions are available on our website.


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